So what’s this all about?

Good afternoon! Or whatever the time of day, wherever you are. I am writing this at the dining table of my girlfriend’s parents’ house. All around me is the sticking of glue, the folding of cardboard and the slurping of mate. I am finally here. Less than one month until our wedding. We’ve made it.

If you’ve made it this far you’re probably wondering what this is all about. Me too.

Well, basically, who knows how this is gonna pan out. Mendoza is an amazing city, but London it isn’t. I have grown to love London again over the past month. I have just finished studying a CELTA course so that I can teach English and it was one of the best months of my life.

I suppose I don’t need to answer the question as to why I am ginger. It’s not like I spent my vulnerable adolescence shouting that one word question at the sky after a particularly insulting day at school.. Oh no, I am ginger. I am proud. If there was less hair-product in there keeping it manageable I would wave it like a wiry flag in the streets.

However, I would have to make sure it wasn’t a sunny day.

I am an odd shade of pink on a cloudy day, but whack a little sunlight into the mix and it all turns a brighter shade of fail. But there is more to enjoy in Mendoza than just the weather. There is the beef, the wine, the fact that something is always happening. It’s a much more informal, relaxed, infuriating, enjoyable place (in the first 2 days) than other places that I’ve been. So sit back, crack the lid off a Quilmes and join my unfolding adventure.